You can see individual show results by clicking on each show below. Your horse must be a member for points to count in all hunter and jumper divisions. Please email if there are any questions about points. Riders must compete in three shows throughout the show season to qualify for year end awards.

Results are now updated through October 4.

Double check your points!! Results will be final October 16!!


Please email if there are any questions.

Pre-Beginner Equitation

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsFinal PlaceShows
Magnolia MarchandSavannahYes9218
Saskia MarlinWalkerYes5624
Jonah KassoffWay To Fortuna
Saint Somewhere
Elijah KassoffProsperous Penny
Saint Somewhere
Anya ChadbourneCanadian WaterwayYes275 (Tie)6
Jayden PuderCacheYes275 (Tie)5
Alex KlausmannFrosted FlakesYes177 (Tie)3
Ada WankoMacGuyverYes177 (Tie)4
Meadow ZamanskyRoseYes1294
Madeline AndrewsTriple 7 JackpotYes8103
Deidre HullTriple 7 JackpotYes0113
Sophia TruloveJunior MintYes72
Hannah WattsHollywoodNeither A Member62
Julie BuaGeorgia PeachNeither A Member01

Beginner Rider

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Magnolia MarchandSavannahYes7618
Sienna EttlingerChagallYes4825
Anya ChadbourneCanadian WaterwayYes4636
Saskia MarlinWalkerYes4244
Jonah KassoffSaint SomewhereYes3355
Elijah KassoffProsperous PennyYes226 (Tie)5
Sienna FullerSapphireYes226 (Tie)3
Quinn PrattBellaYea18 (Tie)3
Deidre HullTriple 7 JackpotYes18 (Tie)3
Faith AyerAppleYes51
Allison ChapparoBellaNeither A Member101
Tessea AndrulaitisFrosted FlakesRider Not A Member71
Lucy TaborFrosted FlakesRider Not A Member324

Baby Green Hunter

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Bridget StrangCottonYes3214
Kristy GreggRafter OneYes2523
Ava TruloveUp In SmokeYes933
Caryn ScheidtLucky BoyYes144
Lisa KistnerMadison HeightsYes61
Chamonix JohnsonMonacoYes41
Heather LaffertyTerzettoYes32
Jacquelyn TinsmanPelangiYes21
Maeve Doubleday-BushTake A ChanceYes11
Lauren EdingerCheckmateNeither A Member81
Bridget StrangHankHorse Not A Member81

Evergreen Hunter

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Bentley ReistLittle Lord FauntleroyYes4917
Kailei GianinettiTall, Dark & HandsomeYes4527
Linda LaffertyShinerYes4336
Wren KellyVictoryYes94 (Tie)4
Daisy CullwickPriamYes94 (Tie)4
Avalon AnslynMy Favorite HobbyYes865
Riley GabicaSilver OLiningYes575
Tera BoaeufBonissimoYes242
Taylor Van ZylGospel TruthYes212
Bridget StrangChereYes6 Flat Only7
Willow BanksAwonderYes42

Long/Rusty Equitation

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Clara MeadowsBlueYes6218
Audrey AllenMileyYes6125
Jackie SculcoMarlinYes3637
Caryn ScheidtLucky BoyYes3345
Sage MorrisonCelloYes2255
Ava TruloveUp In Smoke
Doc Holliday
Sieanna EttlingerChagallYes1774
Rhea SottPosh That’s ShowbizYes1185
Deidre HullTriple 7 JackpotYes1094
Kayleigh FlynnChocolate MousseYes5103
Brinlee AllenPS I Love YouYes132
Eli HenryChocolate MousseYes62
Lisa KistnerMadison HeightsYes01

Limit Equitation

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Kailei GianinettiTall, Dark & HandsomeYes4217
Riley GabicaSilver LiningYes3325
Daisy CullwickPriamYes2634
Sage MorrisonCelloYes1746
Lily StewartDaceroYes116 (Tie)5
Bentley ReistLittle Lord FauntleroyYes116 (Tie)7
Avalon AnslynMy Favorite HobbyYes68 (Tie)5
Caryn ScheidtLucky BoyYes68 (Tie)4
Tera BoaeufBonissimoYes232
Laura IrwinSundance KidNeither A Member81
Alex RosenburgKnotabalouYes61
Willow BanksWonderYes22
Brinlee AllenPS I Love YouYes12

Pony Hunter

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Rhea StottPosh That’s ShowbizYes3617
Jackie SculcoMarlinYes3528
Lily Stewart2RooYes2034

CWHJA Pony Medal

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Jackie SculcoMarlinYes918
Rhea StottPosh That’s ShowbizYes227

Low CH/AA Hunter

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Sage MorrisonCelloYes3516
Linda LaffertyShinerYes3325
Daisy CullwickPriamYes2235
Sadie ShoemakerRohanYes1345
Lily StewartDaceroYes854
Avalon AnslynMy Favorite HobbyYes465
Laura IrwinSundance KidYes91
Eli HenryChocolate MousseYes22

Low Hunter

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Linda LaffertyShinerYes315

Open High/Low Hunter

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Wren KellyVictoryYes1113
Bridget StrangTwinkleYes822
Francesca SaviCaspian CYes533

High/Low Jr/Am Hunter

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Francesca SaviCaspian CYes1413
Nicole GothChocolate MousseYes82 (Tie)2
Lily StewartDaceroYes82 (Tie)4
Gabby YturriRenoirNeither A Member72

CWHJA Jr/Am Medal

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Francesca SaviCaspian CYes913

CH/AA Hunter

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Lily StewartDaceroYes3315
Sadie ShoemakerRohanYes2225
Avalon AnslynMy Favorite HobbyYes1735
Daisy CullwickPriamYes1245
Avalon AnslynCaspian CYes455
Linda LaffertyShinerYes365
Lily StewartB MaxHorse Not A Member31


RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Avalon AnslynMy Favorite HobbyYes1115
Lily StewartDaceroYes925

CWHJA .85m Jumpers

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Avalon AnslynMy Favorite HobbyYes3115
Riley GabicaSilver LiningYes2026
Kailei GianinettiTall, Dark & HandsomeYes1835
Hazel BarretteQuinnYes1745
Tina Estes
Bridget Strang
Comen Up BlueYes95 (Tie)4
Sadie ShoemakerRohanYes95 (Tie)4
Lily Stewart2RooYes874
Rachel BaumCheetahYes683
Lauren FilterPrince CharmingYes31
Avery NeraedPhillipYes121
Robyn RitschPenelopeNeither A Member142
Molly RitschSchatziNeither A Member92
Gabby YturriRenoirNeither A Member32
Lauren EdingerCheckmateNeither A Member31

CH/AA Jumper

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Tina EstesComen Up BlueYes3618
Sadie ShoemakerRohanYes1024
Rachel BaumCheetahYes63 (Tie)3
Lily StewartDaceroYes63 (Tie)5
Nicole GothChocolate MousseYes553
Gabby YturriRenoirNeither A Member52
Franny YturriErosNeither A Member21

CWHJA .90m Jumpers

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Stella ShoemakerMarraheskYes2314
Hazel BarretteQuinnYes2127
Bridget StrangTwinkleYes1632
Wren KellyCheetahYes743
Nicole GothChocolate MousseYes453
Lily StewartDaceroYes364
Franny YturriErosNeither A Member71
Gabby YturriRenoirNeither A Member42

CWHJA 1.0m Jumpers

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Francesca SaviCaspian CYes161 (Tie)3
Wren KellyVictoryYes161 (Tie)3
Nicole GothChocolate MousseYes533
Lauren EdingerChayanelNeither A Member31

Flower Power (Rider must be member)

RiderMember (Y/N)ShowsEligible For Year End Award
Alex OldenYes7Yes
Mia WatersYes7Yes
Jonah KassoffYes5Yes
Elijah KassoffYes5Yes
Remington WebsterYes5Yes
Jadyn PuderYes5Yes
Adalyn BlueYes4Yes
Saskia MarlinYes4Yes
Meadow ZamanksyYes4Yes
Ada WankoYes4Yes
Emory MorrisYes4Yes
Leon MarchandYes3Yes
Madeline AndrewsYes3Yes
EllahMae MckeeYes1Need 3 Shows
Sophia TruloveYes2Need 3 Shows

Walk/Trot (Rider must be member)

RiderMember (Y/N)ShowsEligible For Year End Award
Alex OldenYes7Yes
Mia WatersYes7Yes
Remington WebsterYes5Yes
Zelda TsparasYes5Yes
Olivia HullYes4Yes
Adalyn BlueYes4Yes
Emory MporrisYes4Yes
Mila MaroldaYes3Yes
Quinn PrattYes3Yes
Madeline AndrewsYes3Yes
Leon MarchandYes3Yes
Naomi Jones-WrightYes3Yes
EllahMae McKeeYes1Need 3 Shows
Grace FahrenbruchYes2Need 3 Shows