You can see individual show results by clicking on each show below. Your horse must be a member for points to count in all hunter and jumper divisions. Please email if there are any questions about points. Riders must compete in three shows throughout the show season to qualify for year end awards.

Standings are updated through Aspen Equestrian Team Benefit CWHJA Show.

Roaring Fork Hounds Pony Club CWHJA Show Results

Twin Acres LLC Hunter/Jumper Show Results

Windwalkers Benefit CWHJA Show Results

RFHPC II Show Results

Sopris Equestrian Team Show Results

Aspen Equestrian Team Show Results

Year End Show Results


Results will be final on 10/18/2021. Please email if there are any questions.

Pre-Beginner Equitation

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Sage MorrisonYes7217
Sienna FullerYes4124
Lucy TaborYes2533
Annabelle MatthiasYes2344
Sophia TruloveYes2154
Clara MeadowsYes1663
Jackie SculcoYes1273
Ava TruloveYes385
Magnolia MarchnadYes295
Sydney AndrulaitisYes162
Ava RinglerYes152
Sienna EttlingerYes142
Vivienne LuciusYes142
Anya ChadbourneRider Not A Member133
Brinn StringhamRider Not A Member101
Tessa AndrulaitisYes82
Molly MitchellRider Not A Member41
Rachel UrbanskiRider Not A Member41
Allison ChaparroRider Not A Member41
Ada WankoYes22

Beginner Rider

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Madalena CorteRoseYes7416
Madilyn MatthiasFlirtYes6625
Kayleigh FlynnIndia InkYes5436
Hannah WattsMylieYes3044
Ava TruloveDoc Holliday &
Up In Smoke
Jackie SculcoMarlin & BellaYes2163
Clara MeadowsMacgiver & AnnieYes1674
Audrey AllenIt’s All GoodYes784
Quinn WaalerCrystal Springs EastonYes312
Meriella Pitt-MillerIncognitoNeither A Member151
Eleanor HenryDino NoirYes131
Anya ChadbourneCanadian WaterwayNeither A Member122
Tessa AndrulaitisFVS Stewart LittleYes101
Caralee ConklinCharlton CWFNeither A Member91

Baby Green Hunter

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Bridget StrangMarlinYes8616
Maeve Doubleday-BushTake A ChanceYes2925
Bentley ReistLeroyYes2834
Kailei GianinettiTall, Dark & HandsomeYes744
Giselle HarmonDocRider Not A Member232
Heahter LaffertyLerzettoNeither A Member161
Franny YturriCash MoneyHorse Not A Member111
Cara BarnesLiverpoolYes102
Avalon AnslynAddieYes31
Elsa TullarAppyFlat Only22

Evergreen Hunter

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Abby MatthiasFlirtYes4914
Bridget StrangMylieYes3424
Caryn ScheidtLucky BoyYes2534
Brinlee AllenOutspokenYes2244
Lily StewartQuintessanceYes1156
Jacquelyn TinsmanMy Favorite HobbyYes665
Payton MarlowHSR CyranoYes575
Michelle MurphyChloeNeither A Member181
Annie GraberWH LiverpoolYes151
Bates KurkulisHelicon Written NoticeYes132
Tera BoeaufBonissimoYes111
Shannon PitoutJC StitchYes31
Sophie MuellerLolaNeither a Member81

Long/Rusty Equitation

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Avalon AnslynSavannahYes4317
Riley GabicaFrescoYes2125
Audrey AllenIt’s All GoodYes934
Ava TruloveUp In SmokeYes545
Rhea StottPosh That’s ShowbizYes182
Elsa TullarBrazilYes71
Chamonix JohnsonYes62

Limit Equitation

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Abby MatthiasYes6314
Brinlee AllenYes2824
Caryn ScheidtYes2034
Kailei GianinettiYes1645
Bentley ReistYes1254
Avalon AnslynYes566
Lily StewartYes276
Hannah ValentineYes62
Annie CooperNo61
Chamonix JohnsonYes41
Emily OylerYesFlat Only1
Tera BoaeufYesFlat Only2

Pony Hunter

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Ava TruloveDoc HollidayYes4515
Audrey AllenIt’s All GoodYes3524
Madelena CorteRoseYes2535
Jackie SculcoBellaYes1143
Sadie ShoemakerMarlinYes756
Bates KurkulisHelicon Written NoticeYes52

CWHJA Pony Medal

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Ava TruloveDoc HollidayYes716
Madelena CorteRoseYes425
Audrey AllenIt’s All GoodYes334

Low CH/AA Hunter

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Lily StewartQuintessanceYes2516
Kailei Gianinetti Tall, Daek & HAndsomeYes1924
Brinlee AllenOutspokenYes1434
Maeve Doubleday-BushTake A ChanceYes844

Low Hunter

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Sadie ShoemakerBlueYes6716
Stella ShoemakerCelloYes5426
Lily StewartQuintessenceYes4036
Payton MarlowHSR CyranoYes2446
Gabby YturriRenoirYes302
Franny YturriOtter PopYes132
Callista SmithLion Next To MeYes111
Averie MclellandPriamYes81
Tera BoaeufBonnisimoYes2 – Flat Only2
Annie CoopyRhysNo51

Open High/Low Hunter

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Wren KellyVictoryYes2514
Francesca SaviCaspian CYes2024

CWHJA Jr/Am Medal

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Francesca SaviCaspian CYes914

CH/AA Hunter

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Payton MarlowHSR CyranoYes2816
Sadie ShoemakerBlueYes2026
Stella ShoemakerLemon CelloYes1236
Lily StewartQuintessenceYes746
Averie MclellandPriamYes91


RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Payton MarlowHSR CyranoYes1616
Sadie ShoemakerBlueYEs92 (Tie)6
Stella ShoemakerCelloYes92 (Tie)6
Lily StewartQuintessenceYes646
Avery MclellandPriamYes61
Callista SmithLion Next To MeYes41
Annie CooperRhysNo21

Level 1 Jumpers

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Taylamore PenelopeYes3113
Prince CharmingYes2123
Chocolate MousseYes1633
My Favorite HobbyYes154 (Tie)4
SchatziYes154 (Tie)3
Take A ChanceYes1164
HSR CyranoYes686
Tall, Dark & HandsomeYes1114

CH/AA Jumper

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Hazel BarretteQuinnYes4016
Payton MarlowHSR CyranoYes1322
Skylar JohnstoneChocolate MousseYes633
Stella ShoemakerCelloYes542
Tina EstesComen Up BlueYes355
Averie MclellandPriamYes41
Erin MeyringMaybachNeither A Member41

Level 2 Jumpers

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Comen Up BlueYes5016
HSR CyranoYes3025
My Favorite HobbyYes1545
Prince CharmingYes1353
Caspian CYes384
Chocolate MousseYes293

Level 3 Jumpers

RiderHorseMember (Y/N)PointsPlaceShows
Wren KellyVictoryYes2616
Francesca SaviCaspian CYes2424
Cregan OrtnerHB Tough FlickNeither A Member91
Hannah YearyLemgrafYes52
Sheila JohnsonDCF BiscuitNeither A Member41

Flower Power (Rider must be member)

RiderMember (Y/N)ShowsEligible For Year End Award
Magnolia MarchandYes4Yes
Haven SidibeYes3Yes
Annabelle MatthiasYes3Yes
Sophia TruloveYes4Yes
Meadow ZemanskyYes3Yes
Lucy TaborYes3Yes
Shiloh AndrulaitisYes1No (Number of Shows)
Madeline LucksYes1 No (Number of Shows)
Ada WankoYes2 No (Number of Shows)
Peyton WatsonYes1 No (Number of Shows)
Isabella CesariaNo1No (Not A Member)
Anya ChadbourneNo2 No (Not A Member)
Alex KlausmannNo1 No (Not A Member)
Ava RinglerNo2 No (Not A Member)
Rachel UrbanskiNo1 No (Not A Member)

Walk/Trot (Rider must be member)

RiderMember (Y/N)ShowsEligible For Year End Award
Madeleine AndrewsYes3Yes
Ada WankoYes2 No (Number of Shows)
Aila HinderbergerYes1 No (Number of Shows)
Nora NeumannYes1 No (Number of Shows)
Celine BeekmanNo1 No (Not A Member)
Aila LanfordNo1 No (Not A Member)