Updated 1/10/2022

In accordance with the CWHJA By-Laws and CWHJA Horse Show Requirements for Sanctioning, any rider who is not a member of CWHJA MUST pay a daily non-member showing fee at each horse show in which they participate. (*See “daily Fees”)

Current members in good-standing will accumulate points in CWHJA-rated divisions and these points will count toward CWHJA year-end awards. BOTH the rider AND horse must be current members of CWHJA except for the equitation division and CWHJA Medal classes, where only the rider must be a CWHJA member. It is the rider’s responsibility to make certain of membership status–points will NOT be awarded retroactively.

Annual memberships expire December 1 of each year for both horse and rider.

Current Members

NameMember TypeNumberAnnual/Life
Allen, AudreyJunior3830LIFE
Allen, Brinlee Junior 3829LIFE
Baum, Rachel J.Amateur3850LIFE
Boaeuf, Tera J.Amateur3805LIFE
Culbertson, Sarah3561LIFE
Cullwick, Daisy Junior 3747LIFE
Cunningham, LaurieProfessional3807LIFE
Deyarmond, Beckett3811LIFE
Deyarmond, EmiliaJunior3644LIFE
Deyarmond, Lara3810LIFE
Dixon, KimProfessional3563LIFE
Dopkin, CarolAmateur3564LIFE
Doubleday-Bush, Maeve E.Junior3855LIFE
Dwyer, TanyaAmateur3565Annual
Filter, LaurenProfessional3870LIFE
Flynn, JustinJunior3790LIFE
Flynn, KayleighJunior3568LIFE
Flynn, Linnea M.Junior3804LIFE
Frankel, Corinne3569LIFE
Gabica, RileyJunior3793LIFE
Gianinetti, Kailei M.Junior 3814LIFE
Goth, NicoleJunior3902Annual
Gray, Mandy3570LIFE
Hall Flynn, LisaProfessional3567LIFE
Hart, Mackenzi J. Junior 3695LIFE
Johnson, Chamonix Junior 3835LIFE
Kelly, Wren Professional3657LIFE
Kulberg, Margot3573LIFE
Lafferty, LindaAmateur3720Annual
Lanter, HaysJunior 3576LIFE
Lanter, RenaAmateur3575LIFE
Leach-Lychee, Polly3577LIFE
Maas, Catherine3826LIFE
Marlow, Payton Junior 3653Annual
Matthias, Abby E.Amateur3551LIFE
Matthias, Annabelle Junior 3781LIFE
Matthias, Madilyn Junior 3782LIFE
Morrison, SageJunior3861Annual
Opp, GingerProfessional3616LIFE
Orman, Emily3579LIFE
Oyler, EmilyAmateur3887LIFE
Peterson, Jeanie3688LIFE
Reid-Offield, KarinAmateur3901LIFE
Russell, Alexander3791LIFE
Russell, Audrey V.3765LIFE
Russell, Jennifer G.Amateur3764LIFE
Scanlan, Martin3584LIFE
Scanlan, Pat3583LIFE
Scanlan, Stella3585LIFE
Scanlan, Mary3582LIFE
Scheidt, CarynAmateur3865LIFE
Sherry, LaurenAmateur3586LIFE
Sidibe, Haven Junior 3824LIFE
Soffer, Kim3587LIFE
Soffer, Madison3588LIFE
Soffer, Summer3589LIFE
Solbach, Jill3590LIFE
Stewart, Lily L. Junior 3801LIFE
Strang, BridgetProfessional3592LIFE
Strang, KitAmateur3593LIFE
Strang, LaurieProfessional3594LIFE
Strang, Little Kit3595LIFE
Tinsman, JacquelynProfessional3770LIFE
Waters, MiaJunior3900Annual
Wight, MelissaAmateur3598LIFE
Wight, SamanthaAmateur3599LIFE
Wight, ZacharyAmateur3600LIFE
Willsky, Emma3602LIFE
Willsky, Roxanne3603LIFE
Wood, ElizabethProfessional3894LIFE
Woods, Alison3606LIFE
Woods, Chloe3605LIFE
Woods, Tamara3604LIFE
Work, Katie3571LIFE

Current Horses

Horse NameOwnerMember TypeMember Number
AppyAnnie GraberLifetime1564
AtlasAubrey LaneLifetime1604
BelleBridget StrangLifetime1324
Better Thank a BoyfriendKirstin GothLifetime1256
Bobby McGeeE ParkerLifetime1345
BreezyA SneddonLifetime1347
CelloKristy GreggLifetime1471
Chantilly CFCourney LawlerLifetime1381
Charlie ChaplinAmy DanielLifetime1469
CheetahRachel BaumLifetime1550
ChereMia WatersAnnual1622
ChiefCaroline WheelerLifetime1352
Chocolate MooseLisa Hall FlynnLifetime1613
Coco TwistAnnie GraberLifetime1578
CooperBridget StrangLifetime1422
Count DiversifiedJacquelyn TinsmanLifetime1580
CypherAnne WareLifetime1326
DaisyGinger OppLifetime1354
Dash Away AllEmilia DeyarmondLifetime1378
Dignified Red HeadR BryantLifetime1355
DolceTanya DwyerLifetime1586
Doc HollidayMegan TruloveLifetime1607
Double Dare YaCorinne FrankelLifetime1282
Dream of MineAnnie GraberLifetime1577
Enough SaidEmma WillskyLifetime1339
Excel Star Just RightAimee Dale-LuciousLifetime1589
FaldoTheresa RogersLifetime1506
Figure Of SpeechMorgan WhiteLifetime1327
FlirtAbby MatthiasLifetime1575
FlygirlLaura SmithLifetime1538
Follow My TracksD JonesLifetime1356
Fox Creek’s Bring ItEmilia DeyarmondLifetime1379
FoxyBridget StrangLifetime1425
FrankBridget StrangLifetime1539
FrescoHannah PattermanLifetime1595
FriedaJeanie PetersonLifetime1402
Gabriella DanteGinger OppLifetime1520
GloryBridget StrangLifetime1431
GoldstarTanya DwyerLifetime1275
Gym SocksGinger OppLifetime1357
Happiness IsRena LanterLifetime1295
HazeyEmma WillskyLifetime1338
Heart of GoldAmy DanielsLifetime1261
Helicon Written NoticeBates KurkulisLifetime1618
HenryMartha McCoyLifetime1300
He’s Completely MachoHazel BarretteLifetime1476
High TimeAnnie GraberLifetime1466
HSR CyranoStonegate Equine FacilityAnnual1598
India InkLisa Hall FlynnLifetime1612
Junior MintSophia TruloveLifetime1606
King of DiamondsKirstin GothLifetime1255
Kiss of LuckAnnie GraberLifetime1579
Lemontree High TideKim SofferLifetime1317
Lion Next to MeCallista SmithLifetime1507
Loose N CoolCorinne FrankelLifetime1283
Love Me TenderLifetime1588
Lucky BoyCaryn ScheidtLifetime1566
MacGiverClara MeadowsAnnual1619
MacGyverPolly LycheeLifetime1533
Mad ScientistRiley GabicaLifetime1547
Meadow Views Oliver TwistLisa FlynnLifetime1279
MilesBridget StrangLifetime1429
MispointMia LaddLifetime1523
Miss Bold DishA SmithLifetime1405
Miss KT SlewJill SolbachLifetime1322
MojoD MangatLifetime1363
MulanKirstin GothLifetime1284
My Favorite HobbyJacquelyn TinsmanLifetime1489
Observed by CloudsA SneddonLifetime1364
OlivsqueJeanie PetersonLifetime1403
On the ContraryS MarshallLifetime1365
Once In My LifetimeKailei GianinettiLifetime1572
Opus OneC LautenbergLifetime1367
Oso RojoPaula MucaseyLifetime1258
Otto Be BoldJill SolbachLifetime1321
PelangiJacquelyn TinsmanLifetime1542
Perfect MatchLisa FlynnLifetime1281
PersiaLauren SherryLifetime1313
Picasso GoldTanya DwyerLifetime1274
Portofino BlueChamonix JohnsonLifetime1535
Posh That’s ShowbizRhea StottLifetime1621
Prince CharmingLauren FilterLifetime1518
Prospectors BrewSarah LaddLifetime1294
QuinnBridget StrangLifetime1558
QuinntessenceLily StewartLifetime1582
RooBridget StrangLifetime1427
RoseBridget StrangLifetime1584
Roxy RoseFamily WoodsLifetime1410
Royal DutchAbby MatthiasLifetime1371
SapphireJennifer ZurlieneLifetime1608
SavannahLily StewartLifetime1571
Saxon of Stone Circle StablesD JonesLifetime1368
SebastianLisa FlynnLifetime1280
Seek the UniqueS & T PerryLifetime1369
SerenadeMartha McCoyLifetime1299
SerenpippityDaisy CullwickLifetime1614
ShinerLinda LaffertyLifetime1438
SIG ChicagoLauren SherryLifetime1525
Silver LiningLifetime1573
Skip Thru the BreezeK PotterLifetime1370
Sky MarEmma WillskyLifetime1336
Snowed InLauren SherryLifetime1312
So Darn CuteEmily OrmanLifetime1301
Star of the ShowHaven SidibeLifetime1599
Straight Faced Courtney LawlerLifetime1603
StreamlineCallista SmithLifetime1501
Sugar and SpiceLeah BraudisLifetime1388
Summer StarCarol DopkinLifetime1270
SummertimeLauren SherryLifetime1415
Take A ChanceMaeve Doubleday-BushLifetime3855
Tall Dark and HandsomeKailei M. GianinettiLifetime1536
Thrifty PackLeah BraudisLifetime1524
Told You SoKirstin GothLifetime1257
TroubadourEmily OylerLifetime1609
TwinkleBridget StrangLifetime1432
Up In SmokeAva TruloveLifetime1605
Velvet Rose (Maggie)Heather ChapmanLifetime1553
Venus’ BregoCindy HallLifetime1291
VictoryWren KellyLifetime1563
WahsabiAlexandra Anwyl-DaviesLifetime1260
WatsonTheresa RogersLifetime1310
Worth Melting ForAnnie GraberLifetime1587
Yankee Doodle DandyS MarshallLifetime1366
Yours TrulyAverie MclellandLifetime1434
ZantasticAbby MatthiasLifetime1251