Not Sure What to Show In?

Below is a list…………

-may not cross enter into flower power except for flat classes. This division is geared towards kids and adults who aren’t cantering yet but can walk/trot and trot over poles.

-same as poles but substitute for flower boxes! Riders can trot or canter the courses. Geared to kids and adults who have not competed in crossrails.

-open time junior and amateur riders. Riders must have not shown higher than 2’. Course set as 15”-18” crossrails.

-open to junior and amateurs. Rider cannot win more that 3 classes over fences in the same show year. Rider has not shown in classes with jumps exceeding 2’3. Class will be split by age if warranted. No oxers.

-Open to all horses and riders in the beginning of their show careers. Not recognized by CWHJA. Fences 2′.

-Open to all ponies ridden by junior exhibitors. May jump either height offered (2′-2’3″ or 2’6″-2’9″) but must jump same height throughout each show.

-Course will be set at 2′-2’3″. No rider who has competed over 2’6″ is eligible for this division. Open to horses and ponies ridden by junior or adult amateur riders. The same horse/rider may not cross enter into any division 2’6″ or higher at any show.

-This division will not be split by age. Open to horses or ponies ridden by junior or adult amateur riders. Riders may not show higher than 2’6″ at the same show.

– Open to junior and adult amatuer riders that have not shown over 3′ in the last ten years.

– Open to horses that have never shown higher than 2’6″.

– Open to horses and ponies.

– Any horse and rider combination can only span three levels at any one show.

– Open to junior and amateur adult riders.