In accordance with the CWHJA By-Laws and CWHJA Horse Show Requirements for Sanctioning, any rider who is not a member of CWHJA MUST pay a daily non-member showing fee at each horse show in which they participate. (*See “daily Fees”)

Current members in good-standing will accumulate points in CWHJA-rated divisions and these points will count toward CWHJA year-end awards. BOTH the rider AND horse must be current members of CWHJA except for the equitation division and CWHJA Medal classes, where only the rider must be a CWHJA member. It is the rider’s responsibility to make certain of membership status–points will NOT be awarded retroactively.

Current Members

Name Number Annual/Life
Allen, Audrey 3830 Annual
Allen, Brinlee 3829 Annual
Andrews, Madeleine 3831 Annual
Anslyn, Avalon 3857 Annual
Barnes, Cara 3785 Annual
Barrette, Hazel 3664 Annual
Baum, Rachel J. 3850 LIFE
Boaeuf, Tera J. 3805 LIFE
Braudis, Leah 3666 Annual
Chapman, Heather E. 3851 Annual
Corte, Madalena 3864 Annual
Culbertson, Sarah 3561 LIFE
Cullwick, Daisy 3747 Annual
Cunningham, Laurie 3807 LIFE
Cyr, Desiree 3809 Annual
Dale-Lucius, Aimee 3859 Annual
Daniel, Amy 3562 Annual
Daniel, William R. 3754 Annual
Deyarmond, Beckett 3811 LIFE
Deyarmond, Emilia 3644 LIFE
Deyarmond, Lara 3810 LIFE
Dixon, Kim 3563 LIFE
Dopkin, Carol 3564 LIFE
Doubleday-Bush, Maeve E. 3855 LIFE
Dwyer, Tanya 3565 Annual
Estes, Tina 3733 Annual
Ettlinger, Diana 3871 Annual
Ettlinger, Maia 3837 Annual
Ettlinger, Siena 3844 Annual
Faldasz, Mary 3701 Annual
Feinberg, Gracie 3845 Annual
Filter, Lauren 3870 LIFE
Flynn, Justin 3790 LIFE
Flynn, Kayleigh 3568 LIFE
Flynn, Linnea M. 3804 LIFE
Foglesong, Daisie 3858 Annual
Frankel, Corinne 3569 LIFE
Fulton Miller, Flo 3572 Annual
Gabica, Riley 3793 LIFE
Gianinetti, Kailei M. 3814 LIFE
Graber, Annie 3751 Annual
Graber, Megan 3834 Annual
Gray, Mandy 3570 LIFE
Gregg, Kristy 3679 Annual
Hall Flynn, Lisa 3567 LIFE
Hart, Mackenzi J. 3695 LIFE
Henry, Eleanor 3784 Annual
Hertzog, Charlee 3854 Annual
Johnson, Chamonix 3835 LIFE
Johnstone, Skylar 3867 Annual
Kelly, Wren 3657 LIFE
Kulberg, Margot 3573 LIFE
Lafferty, Linda 3720 Annual
Lane, Aubrey 3677 Annual
Lanter, Hays 3576 LIFE
Lanter, Rena 3575 LIFE
Lerhman, Jason 3875 Annual
Lucius, Vivinne 3860 Annual
Leach-Lychee, Polly 3577 LIFE
Maas, Catherine 3826 LIFE
Marlow, Payton 3653 Annual
Martin, Piper 3863 Annual
Matthias, Abby E. 3551 LIFE
Matthias, Annabelle 3781 LIFE
Matthias, Madilyn 3782 LIFE
McConathy, Tricia 3874 Annual
Mclelland, Averie 3651 Annual
Meadows, Clara 3846 Annual
Morrison, Sage 3861 Annual
Neumann, Danielle 3852 Annual
Nunes, Mary Jane 3552 Annual
Opp, Ginger 3616 LIFE
Orman, Emily 3579 LIFE
Peterson, Jeanie 3688 LIFE
Rock, Melanie A. 3849 Annual
Russell, Alexander 3791 LIFE
Russell, Audrey V. 3765 LIFE
Russell, Jennifer G. 3764 LIFE
Savi, Francsca 3667 Annual
Scanlan, Martin 3584 LIFE
Scanlan, Pat 3583 LIFE
Scanlan, Stella 3585 LIFE
Scanlan, Mary 3582 LIFE
Scheidt, Caryn 3865 LIFE
Sculco, Jackie 3866 Annual
Shoemaker, Sadie 3815 Annual
Shoemaker, Stella 3816 Annual
Sherry, Lauren 3586 LIFE
Sidibe, Haven 3824 Annual
Smith, Callista 3630 Annual
Soffer, Kim 3587 LIFE
Soffer, Madison 3588 LIFE
Soffer, Summer 3589 LIFE
Solbach, Jill 3590 LIFE
Stewart, Lily L. 3801 LIFE
Stott, Rhea 3794 Annual
Strang, Bridget 3592 LIFE
Strang, Kit 3593 LIFE
Strang, Laurie 3594 LIFE
Strang, Little Kit 3595 LIFE
Hill, Olivia Tamayo 3856 Annual
Tinsman, Jacquelyn 3770 LIFE
Trulove, Ava 3817 Annual
Trulove, Sophia 3868 Annual
Tullar, Elsa 3771 Annual
Valentine, Hannah 3800 Annual
Walker, Augusta 3873 Annual
Watson, Bryce 3648 Annual
Watson, Patti 3646 Annual
Watson, Peyton 3647 Annual
Watts, Hannah 3848 Annual
Watts, Hattie 3869 Annual
Webb, Siena 3862 Annual
White, Faith 3778 Annual
White, Nicole 3825 Annual
Wight, Melissa 3598 LIFE
Wight, Samantha 3599 LIFE
Wight, Zachary 3600 LIFE
Willsky, Emma 3602 LIFE
Willsky, Roxanne 3603 LIFE
Wolf, Tarah 3632 Annual
Woods, Alison 3606 LIFE
Woods, Chloe 3605 LIFE
Woods, Tamara 3604 LIFE
Work, Katie 3571 LIFE
Yeary, Grace 3761 Annual
Yeary, Hannah 3685 Annual
Yeary, Kristin 3684 Annual
Yturri, Franny 3682 Annual
Yturri, Gabby 3683 Annual

Current Horses

Double Dare YaCorinne FrankelLifetime1282

Horse Name Owner Member Type Member Number
Appolo Mary Jane Nunes Annual 1252
Appy Piper Martin Annual 1564
Belle Bridget Strang Lifetime 1324
Belle of the Ball Rhea Stott Annual 1565
Better Thank a Boyfriend Kirstin Goth Lifetime 1256
Blue Francesca Savi Annual 1516
Bobby McGee E Parker Lifetime 1345
Breezy A Sneddon Lifetime 1347
California Blue Ivy Skylar Johnstone Annual 1567
Cello DMN Danielle Neumann Annual 1551
Cello Stella Shoemaker Lifetime 1471
Chagall Elsa Tullar Annual 1419
Chantilly CF Courney Lawler Lifetime 1381
Charlie Chaplin Amy Daniel Lifetime 1469
Cheetah Rachel Baum Lifetime 1550
Chief Caroline Wheeler Lifetime 1352
Comen Up Blue Tina Estes Annual 1512
Cooper Bridget Strang Lifetime 1422
Crowd Pleaser Desi Cyr Annual 1548
Cypher Anne Ware Lifetime 1326
Daisy Ginger Opp Lifetime 1354
Dash Away All Emilia Deyarmond Lifetime 1378
Dignified Red Head R Bryant Lifetime 1355
Doctor Pop Tricia McConathy Annual 1581
Dream of Mine Annie Graber Lifetime 1577
Enough Said Emma Willsky Lifetime 1339
Faldo Theresa Rogers Lifetime 1506
Figure Of Speech Morgan White Lifetime 1327
Flygirl Laura Smith Lifetime 1538
Follow My Tracks D Jones Lifetime 1356
Fortunato Tanya Dwyer Annual 1272
Fox Creek’s Bring It Emilia Deyarmond Lifetime 1379
Foxy Bridget Strang Lifetime 1425
Frank Bridget Strang Lifetime 1539
Frieda Jeanie Peterson Lifetime 1402
Gabriella Dante Ginger Opp Lifetime 1520
Glory Bridget Strang Lifetime 1431
Goldstar Tanya Dwyer Lifetime 1275
Gym Socks Ginger Opp Lifetime 1357
Happiness Is Rena Lanter Lifetime 1295
Hazey Emma Willsky Lifetime 1338
Heart of Gold Amy Daniels Lifetime 1261
Henry Martha McCoy Lifetime 1300
Hes Completely Macho Hazel Barrette Lifetime 1476
High Time Annie Graber Annual 1466
Hursulo Kristy Gregg Annual 1556
Izzy Charlee Hertzog Annual 1554
King of Diamonds Kirstin Goth Lifetime 1255
Kiss of Luck Annie Graber Lifetime 1579
Lemgraf Hannah Yeary Annual 1544
Lemontree High Tide Kim Soffer Lifetime 1317
Lil Daisy Cullwick Annual 1569
Lion Next to Me Callista Smith Lifetime 1507
Loose N Cool Corinne Frankel Lifetime 1283
Lucky Boy Caryn Scheidt Lifetime 1566
MacGyver Polly Lychee Lifetime 1533
Mad Scientist Riley Gabica Lifetime 1547
Madison Heights Cara Barnes Annual 1555
Meadow Views Oliver Twist Lisa Flynn Lifetime 1279
Miles Bridget Strang Lifetime 1429
Mispoint Mia Ladd Lifetime 1523
Miss Bold Dish A Smith Lifetime 1405
Miss KT Slew Jill Solbach Lifetime 1322
Mojo D Mangat Lifetime 1363
Mulan Kirstin Goth Lifetime 1284
My Favorite Hobby Jacquelyn Tinsman Lifetime 1489
Observed by Clouds A Sneddon Lifetime 1364
Olivsque Jeanie Peterson Lifetime 1403
On the Contrary S Marshall Lifetime 1365
On the Rocks Aubrey Lane Annual 1570
Opus One C Lautenberg Lifetime 1367
Oso Rojo Paula Mucasey Lifetime 1258
Otter Pop Franny Yturr Annual 1529
Otto Be Bold Jill Solbach Lifetime 1321
Pancho Aimee Dale-Lucius Annual 1559
Patron Siena Webb Annual 1562
Pelangi Jacquelyn Tinsman Lifetime 1542
Perahta Mackenzi Hart Annual 1508
Perfect Match Lisa Flynn Lifetime 1281
Persia Lauren Sherry Lifetime 1313
Picasso Gold Tanya Dwyer Lifetime 1274
Pick Pocket Polly Lychee Lifetime 1296
Portofino Blue Chamonix Johnson Lifetime 1535
Priam Averie Mclelland Annual 1532
Prince Charming Lauren Filter Lifetime 1518
Prospectors Brew Sarah Ladd Lifetime 1294
Quiet Time Shoemaker Annual 1568
Quinn Hazel Barrette Lifetime 1558
Quinntessence Lily Stewart Lifetime 1582
Reece Sage Morrison Annual 1561
Renoir Gabby Yturri Annual 1530
Rohan Kristy Gregg Annual 1543
Roo Bridget Strang Lifetime 1427
Roxy Rose Family Woods Lifetime 1410
Royal Dutch Abby Matthias Lifetime 1371
Savannah Lily Stewart Annual 1571
Saxon of Stone Circle Stables D Jones Lifetime 1368
Sebastian Lisa Flynn Lifetime 1280
Seek the Unique S & T Perry Lifetime 1369
Serenade Martha McCoy Lifetime 1299
Shiner Linda Lafferty Annual 1438
SIG Chicago Lauren Sherry Lifetime 1525
Skip Thru the Breeze K Potter Lifetime 1370
Skip’s Royal Triumph (Trinitee) Heather Chapman Lifetime 1552
Sky Mar Emma Willsky Lifetime 1336
Snowed In Lauren Sherry Lifetime 1312
So Darn Cute Emily Orman Lifetime 1301
Spike Aimee Dale-Lucius Annual 1560
Streamline Callista Smith Lifetime 1501
Striker Olivia Tamayo Hill Annual 1557
Sugar and Spice Leah Braudis Lifetime 1388
Summer Star Carol Dopkin Lifetime 1270
Summertime Lauren Sherry Lifetime 1415
Tall Dark and Handsome Kailei M. Gianinetti Lifetime 1536
Thrifty Pack Leah Braudis Lifetime 1524
Told You So Kirstin Goth Lifetime 1257
Twinkle Bridget Strang Lifetime 1432
Velvet Rose (Maggie) Heather Chapman Lifetime 1553
Venus’ Brego Cindy Hall Lifetime 1291
Victory Wren Kelly Lifetime 1563
Wahsabi Alexandra Anwyl-Davies Lifetime 1260
Watson Theresa Rogers Lifetime 1310
Who’s The Boss Abby Matthias Annual 1513
Yankee Doodle Dandy S Marshall Lifetime 1366
Yours Truly Averie Mclelland Lifetime 1434
Zantastic Abby Matthias Lifetime 1251