CWHJA COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

In compliance with USEF show standards and the regulations in Colorado and Garfield County regarding COVID-19, the below guidelines will be in effect at all CWHJA shows until further notice.

CWHJA is counting on you: trainers, competitors and necessary family members, to be in charge of monitoring your group and requiring that everyone is following CWHJA’s Safety Guidelines:

  • Stay home if you are sick. Anyone with a temperature of +99.5 degrees F / +37.5 degree C, may not enter the facility. There will be NO access to the show facility / grounds for anyone who Exhibits COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last two weeks, or has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 2 weeks. Healthcare personnel who have treated patients using appropriate medical grade PPE during the course of performing professional duties are exempted from this restriction.
  • All trainers, staff, competitors, and necessary family members are REQUIRED wear a mask or face shield in the office area, competition area, warm up area and food area, anywhere that people congregate. Competitors may remove their masks when mounted and/or riding. If you have a disability that prohibits you from wearing a mask, please contact CWHJA to discuss accommodations.
  • Maintaining social distance of 6 feet is required and when passing and/or movement is necessary (i.e. riding), maintaining a distance of 15 feet is required.
  • Please keep your family at home. We are only allowing for ONE necessary family member per competitor. No spectators please.
  • Please pay special attention to social distancing and gatherings around the office area. No one is allowed IN the office, we will have a table and someone outside, or we will use the window.
  • Spread out when parking and please keep to yourself and your stable group. Please limit the number of new contacts. Trainers, competitors and necessary family members may remove their masks if located in the parking area and are not in contact with other groups or staff.
  • Please practice personal hygiene. Everyone must wash their hands often and use hand sanitizer if hand washing is not available. You are required to provide your own hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray. CWHJA will provide additional sanitation spray bottles at the gate, in the warm up areas, office and near any communal use areas.